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“Oval with Points” by Henry Moore

"Oval with Points" by Henry Moore

“Oval with Points” by Henry Moore

“Oval with Points” by Henry Moore is an enigmatic abstract sculpture cast in bronze. The sculpture is a modulating oval ring with rounded edges. 

The inside edge of the large hole has two protrusions rising from the sides and narrowing to sharp points that almost meet at the center of the hole, creating a sense of dynamic tension.

The points divide the hole into two spaces, a smaller one above and a larger one below, like a figure 8. The shape of the space is interpreted as resembling a human form with a head and a torso.

The beginnings of the sculpture can be traced to Moore’s earlier works. Oval with Points is related to other Moore sculptures, which have two points facing outwards rather than inwards. Moore referenced a link in his mind to spark plugs.

Henry Moore found inspiration in natural objects, such as stone with a hole. The work may also draw inspiration from an elephant skull collected in Africa that was given to Moore as a gift.

Moore made a plaster maquette of Oval with Points  in 1968, which was then cast in bronze in a series of editions that can be found at:

In 1969, Moore increased the scale of the sculpture to create a full-size bronze version, which is 332 cm (131 in) high. Morris Singer cast them, and examples of the full-size work are displayed at:

  • The Henry Moore Foundation, in Perry Green, Hertfordshire 
  • Princeton University
  • Exchange Square in Hong Kong 
  • Dorrian Commons Park in Columbus, Ohio 
  • Corniche Road in Jeddah
  • Kunsthalle Bielefeld 

Henry Moore

Henry Spencer Moore (1898 – 1986) is best known for his semi-abstract monumental bronze sculptures which are located around the world as public works of art.

His bronze sculptures are usually abstractions of the human figure, typically depicting mother-and-child or reclining figures.

Moore’s works are usually suggestive of the female body, apart from a phase when he sculpted family groups. His forms are generally pierced or contain hollow spaces.

Moore became well known through his carved marble and larger-scale abstract cast bronze sculptures, and a famous modernist artist.

Oval with Points

  • Title:                  Oval with Points
  • Artist:                Henry Moore
  • Year:                  1968 to 1970, Installed in 1971
  • Medium:           bronze
  • Dimensions       332-cm (131 in)
  • Museum:           Princeton University Art Museum

Henry Moore

  • Name:                  Henry Spencer Moore
  • Born:                    1898, Castleford, Yorkshire, England
  • Died:                    1986 (aged 88), Much Hadham, Hertfordshire, England
  • Nationality:          English
  • Movement:          Bronze Sculpture, Modernism
  • Notable works:

Henry Moore Oval With Points

Oval with Points by Henry Moore Moves

Highlights of the Princeton University Art Museum

Henry Moore, Oval with Points

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“A sculptor is a person who is interested in the shape of things, a poet in words, a musician by sounds.”
– Henry Moore


Photo Credit: 1) Quantockgoblin 18:04, 2 December 2006 (UTC) / Public domain

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