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Bell AH-1J Sea Cobra

Intrepid, Sea, Air & Space Museum - Joy of Museums 14

Bell AH-1J Sea Cobra

The Bell AH-1J Sea Cobra is a twin-engine attack helicopter which made its combat debut during the Vietnam War (1955 – 1975). The Cobra range is part of the larger Huey family.

The Sea Cobra on display is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm. It had a crew of two, a pilot and a gunner.

Bell AH-1J Sea Cobra

  • Name:                     Bell AH-1J Sea Cobra
  • Role:                       Attack helicopter
  • Manufacturer:      Bell Helicopter
  • First flight:            1969
  • Introduction:        AH-1J: 1971, AH-1W: 1986
  • Primary users:
    • United States Marine Corps
    • Islamic Republic of Iran Army
    • Republic of China Army
    • Turkish Army
  • Produced:            1970–1980s
  • Number built:     1,270 +
  • Unit cost:              AH-1W: US$10.7 million
  • Museum:               Intrepid, Sea, Air & Space Museum

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