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Grumman F11F (F-11A) Tiger

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Grumman F11F (F-11A) Tiger

The Grumman F-11 Tiger was a supersonic, single-seat carrier-based US Navy fighter aircraft. It featured a thin wing, fuselage-side intakes, a low-mounted tailplane and an afterburning engine. The special fuselage shape was designed to reduce transonic and supersonic drag.

The Blue Angels, the US Navy’s flight demonstration team, used the F11F/F-11 from 1957–1969. The plane on display served as Blue Angel #5.

Grumman F11F (F-11A) Tiger

  • Name:                     Grumman F11F (F-11A) Tiger
  • Role:                        Fighter aircraft
  • Manufacturer:      Grumman
  • First flight:            1954
  • Introduction:        1956
  • Retired:                  1961 (Carrier); 1969 (Blue Angels)
  • Primary user:       US Navy
  • Number built:      200
  • Museum:                Intrepid, Sea, Air & Space Museum

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