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McDonnell F3H – 2N (F -3B) Demon

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McDonnell F3H – 2N (F -3B) Demon

The McDonnell F3H-2N (F-3B) Demon was a subsonic swept-wing US Navy carrier-based jet fighter aircraft. It was withdrawn before it could serve in Vietnam.

The McDonnell F3H-2N (F-3B) Demon was designed to counter Russian MiG-15s and MiG-17s. Designed as a cannon and missile-carrying fighter, the aircraft’s large wings, with power-operated slats aided in providing lift at low speed, and give it smooth handling at high altitudes as well a good response during landings on carriers.

McDonnell F3H – 2N (F -3B) Demon

  • Name:                 McDonnell F3H – 2N (F -3B) Demon
  • Role:                    Carrier-based fighter aircraft
  • Manufacturer:     McDonnell Aircraft Corporation
  • First flight:          1951
  • Introduction:      1956
  • Retired:               1964
  • Primary user:      United States Navy
  • Number built:     519
  • Museum:            Intrepid, Sea, Air & Space Museum

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