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Historic Yates Mill County Park, Raleigh, NC- Virtual Tour

Yates Mill - Virtual Tour

Yates Mill – 1756 Gristmill – Virtual Tour

The Yates Mill is a fully restored, 1756 gristmill, which is the centerpiece of Historic Yates Mill County Park, five miles (8 km) south of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. The park’s mission is to study and interpret the park’s cultural, natural, and agricultural heritage.

The park features the restored Mill, and a museum focused on milling and the natural history of the area, a 20-acre (81,000 m2) lake, and extensive hiking trails. 

The Mill is an example of the Oliver Evans type of grist mill that has been restored to its mid-19th century state. The corn and wheat grinding machinery have been restored to operating order. 

The Yates Mill is one of the oldest buildings in the region and the only surviving operable gristmill. For nearly 200 years, the water-powered Mill produced lumber, milled corn and wheat, and carded wool.

The original Mill was built in about 1756, and later it was modernized several times, adding a sawmill in the 1840s.

After 1948, the property was upgraded to a retreat lodge by the millpond, and in 1953, due to lack of demand, the old Mill was closed.

The North Carolina State University acquired the property in the mid-1960s and consolidated it into a larger tract of land to be used as an experimental farm.

In 1996, an initiative was implemented to rehabilitate the dam and Mill as part of a historical and environmental park, and today it is a designated Raleigh Historic Landmark.

Highlights of the Yates Mill

  • The Historic Yates Mill is the last operating, water-powered gristmill in North Carolina’s capital county
  • The Visitor Center provides 2,200 square feet of exhibit space
  • The Guided Tours of the 18th-century Mill
  • The 174-acre Wildlife Park with hiking trails
  • The Mill’s 24-acre pond, which is fed by Steep Hill Creek
  • The Corn Grinding Experience – step back in time with the 19th-century millstones grinding of corn into meal
  • The Milling Machinery and Shed exhibits
  • Explore the inner workings of the Mill and the power of water as it turns the milling machinery

Yates Mill

  • Historic Site:      Yates Mill
  • City:                   Raleigh
  • State:                 North Carolina
  • Country:            United States
  • Built:                 1756
  • Type:                 Historic Site
  • Location:           4620 Lake Wheeler Rd, Raleigh, NC, United States

Yates Mill – Map

Yates Mill – 360 Virtual Tours

Yates Mill – 360 Virtual Tours

Yates Mill- 360 Virtual Tours

Yates Mill – 360 Virtual Tours

Yates Mill

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Yates Mill

Yates Mill

Yates Mill


“Mills don’t grind if you give them no water”
– Mill Quote


Photo Credit: Rollin Jewett / CC BY-SA (; Vince123 / CC BY-SA (

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