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Exploratorium – Virtual Tour

Exploratorium, San Francisco - Virtual Tour

Exploratorium, San Francisco – Virtual Tour

The Exploratorium is a museum of science, technology, and arts in San Francisco. The museum is noted the participatory nature of its exhibits and informal learning focus.

The Exploratorium was founded by physicist Frank Oppenheimer and opened in 1969 at the Palace of Fine Arts. In 2013, the Exploratorium moved to Piers 15 and 17 on San Francisco’s Embarcadero.

The museums’ galleries include:

  • Light and Sound
  • Human Behavior
  • Living Systems
  • Tinkering with electricity and magnetism
  • Outdoor Gallery
  • Bay Observatory Gallery

About 600 participatory exhibits are available at any given time. The exhibit-building workshop space is open to view.

The museum has inspired an international network of participatory museums working to engage the public with general science education. 

Highlights of the Exploratorium, San Francisco

  • Human Behavior Gallery – investigate memory, emotion, and judgment; and experiment with how people cooperate, compete, and share.
  • Tinkering Gallery – engage in hands-on workshops, exploring DIY aesthetic, Animation Stations, and much more.
  • Artworks  – include the Tinkerer’s Clock and Rolling Through The Bay.
  • Seeing and Listening Gallery – investigate physics and the perception of light, color, and sound.
  • Living Systems Gallery – explore life sciences exhibits.
  • Bay Observatory Gallery – investigate the real-time movement of clouds and tides, the changing waterfront, the flow of ships, and the interpretation of oceanographic data.
  • Outdoor Gallery – focuses on direct interaction with the Bay environment.

Exploratorium, San Francisco

  • Name:                   Exploratorium, San Francisco
  • City:                       San Francisco
  • Country:                United States
  • Established:          1969; relocated in 2013
  • Type:                     Science, art, and human perception
  • Locations:             Pier 15, The Embarcadero, San Francisco, United States

Exploratorium, San Francisco Map

Exploratorium, San Francisco 360 views

Exploratorium, San Francisco 360 views

Exploratorium, San Francisco 360 views

San Francisco’s New Exploratorium at Pier 15

Virtual Tour of Museums in San Francisco

San Francisco Exploratorium

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The Exploratorium

San Francisco – Exploratorium

Exploratorium in San Francisco

San Francisco Exploratorium


“The best way to learn is to teach”
– Frank Oppenheimer


Photo Credit: Fred Hsu (Wikipedia:User:Fredhsu on en.wikipedia) / CC BY-SA (

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