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St. Louis Museums

Museums in St. Louis

Museums in St. Louis

St. Louis is situated along the western bank of the Mississippi River, which marks Missouri’s border with Illinois. The Missouri River merges with the Mississippi River just north of the city. These two rivers combined form the fourth longest river system in the world.

Before European settlement, the area was a regional center of Native American Mississippian culture. The city of St. Louis was founded in 1764 by French fur traders and named after Louis IX of France. In 1803, the United States acquired the territory as part of the Louisiana Purchase. During the 19th century, St. Louis became a major port on the Mississippi River; at the time of the 1870 Census, it was the fourth-largest city in the country.

St. Louis hosted the 1904 World’s Fair and some of its permanent facilities remaining at Forest Park include, St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis Zoo, the Missouri History Museum, as well as Tower Grove Park and the Botanical Gardens.

St. Louis Art Museum was built for the 1904 World’s Fair and today the museum houses paintings, sculptures, and cultural objects. The museum is located in Forest Park, and admission is free. The City Museum is a playhouse museum, consisting mostly of repurposed architectural and industrial objects in the Washington Avenue Loft District. St. Louis Science Center was founded in 1963, it includes a science museum and a planetarium, and is situated in Forest Park. The Missouri History Museum is located in Forest Park showcasing Missouri history.

Museums in St. Louis

  • Saint Louis Art Museum
  • Saint Louis Science Center
  • City Museum
  • Missouri History Museum
  • Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
  • National Blues Museum
  • The Magic House, Children’s Museum
  • Pulitzer Arts Foundation
  • Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
  • St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum
  • Soldiers Memorial Military Museum
  • Gateway Arch Museum

St. Louis

  • City:                            St. Louis
  • Country:                     United States
  • State:                          Missouri
  • Founded:                   1764
  • Incorporated:             1822
  • Named for:                 Louis IX of France
  • Demonym:                  St. Louisan
  • Population:                 2.8 million – Metro

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