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Glove Pistol

Glove Pistol - - International Spy Museum

Glove Pistol

This Glove Pistol is of the Sedgley OSS variety, which is a single-shot .38 unique pistol that was designed for the Naval Intelligence Office. It was meant for covert operations in the Pacific Theater. It was mounted on the back of a cowhide glove; the gun would be usually worn along with a long-sleeved coat to hide the weapon until it was used.

The trigger is a bar parallel to and extending past the barrel. After being loaded and cocked, the weapon is fired by the shooter, making a fist and pressing the trigger against the target’s body.

This weapon was developed for the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), which is the military intelligence agency of the United States Navy — established to advance the Navy’s modernization efforts. Today, the ONI employs over 3,000 people worldwide and is headquartered at the National Maritime Intelligence Center in Suitland, Maryland.

Glove Pistol

  • Title:                       Glove Pistol
  • Year:                       1942 -1945
  • Issued by:              U.S. Navy (ONI) -Office of Naval Intelligence
  • Type:                      Assassination pistol, last resort weapon
  • Place of origin:     United States
  • Service:                  Used by OSS, World War II
  • Manufacturer:      Sedgley Company; No. built 52 – 200
  • Specifications:      Cartridge .38 Special; Action Single Shot, Break Barrel
  • Museum:               International Spy Museum

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