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“Small Cowper Madonna” by Raphael

Raffaello Madonna Cowper

“Small Cowper Madonna” by Raphael

The “Small Cowper Madonna” is a painting by Raphael, depicting Mary and Child, in a 1500’s Italian countryside. It has painted around 1505 during the middle of the High Renaissance.

Small Cowper Madonna

  • Title:                Small Cowper Madonna
  • Artist:              Raphael
  • Created:          1505
  • Medium:         Oil on panel
  • Periods:           High Renaissance
  • Dimensions:  59.5 cm × 44 cm (23.4 in × 17 in)
  • Museum:        National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.



“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Leonardo da Vinci



Photo Credit 1) Raphael [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons