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Museums, Art Galleries and Historical Sites

Museums, Art Galleries & Historical Sites

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Museums, Art Galleries & Historical Sites

We explore and share insights into the world’s best Museums, Art Galleries and Historical Sites across the globe.

There are over 60,000 museums and historic sites across the globe, and we aim to share the very best of these.

Interest in museums, art galleries and historical sites reflect the economic, intellectual and social health of a city, a community and an individual. Visit with us the very best of the world’s Museums, Art Galleries & Historical Sites.

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Visiting a museum is an enjoyable and enlightening way to invest your precious time. However, many of us rush through Museums, Art Galleries or Historical Sites, as we rush through life, without appreciating the full significance of the experience. “Joy of Museums” offers you an opportunity to find understanding and meaning in the history, beauty and the wonder in exhibits of the world’s great Museums, Art Galleries & Historical Sites.

Museum Trivia

  • In developed economies, about 25% of the population will visit a museum or historical site in a 12 month period.
  • More Women than Men visit museums.
  • The Top 5, most visited encyclopedic museums worldwide are:
    • Louvre, Paris
    • National Museum of China, Beijing
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York,
    • Vatican Museums, Vatican City
    • British Museum, London
  • The UK has one of the largest creative and cultural economies in the world, relative to Economic Size.
  • Museums contributed $50 billion to the U.S. economy each year.
  • There are about 850 million visits each year to American museums.
  • Museums are considered the most trustworthy source of information in America. They are rated higher than news media, researchers, the U.S. government, or academics.
  • International Museum Day (IMD) is celebrated every year on or around 18 May

How to avoid Museum Fatigue

  • Purchase tickets in advance of your visit and skip the long lines with a VIP pass when possible.
  • Do your research and visit during non-peak hours or season, so that you can get close and personal with a masterpiece.
  • In the large encyclopedic museums, accept the fact that you’re not going to be able to see everything in one day. Plan to visit again on another day.
  • Guided tours of the museum’s highlights is generally a good option for a museum that is new for you.
  • Bring comfortable shoes and leave the extra clothing and bags in the locker. Travel light within the museum walls.
  • Take advantage of a courtyard and museum cafe or restaurant, for hydration and nourishment.
  • Ask the staff for directions and advice.
  • Collect a Museum Map and Highlights Guide at the front desk.
  • Read “Joy of Museums” before your visit. Or use the Museum’s WiFi to connect to our site.

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We have enjoyed visiting many of the museums featured in Joy of Museums – JOM. This website is dedicated to sharing and exploring beauty, understanding and meaning in all types of Museums, Art Galleries and Historical Sites across the world.

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“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”  
– Vincent van Gogh


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