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Museums, Art Galleries & Historical Sites

Our Purpose is to explore and share Museums, Art Galleries and Historical Sites across the globe. Globally, there are over 55,000 museums, and we aim to cover as many as possible. Interest in museums, art galleries and historical sites is a measure of the economic, intellectual and social health of a city, a community and an individual.


Museums, art or artifacts can be found by searching for museums by region and country in the above menu, or by exploring the categories below or by using the search function on the sidebar.

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Visiting a museum is an enjoyable and enlightening way to invest your precious time. However, many of us rush through Museums, Art Galleries or Historical Sites, as we rush through life, without appreciating the full significance of the experience. “Joy of Museums” presents an opportunity to find understanding and meaning in the history, beauty and the wonder in the world’s great Museums, Art Galleries & Historical Sites.

The content on this site will grow, evolve and develop into a series of books. This website is about creating and publishing in real-time. Sharing with a world audience and seeking feedback as the site content grows with time. Additional content will be added and feedback is welcome.

We have enjoyed visiting many of the museums featured in Joy of Museums. This website is dedicated to sharing and exploring beauty, understanding and meaning in all types of Museums, Art Galleries and Historical Sites across the world.


“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”  
– Vincent van Gogh


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