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About “Joy of Museums”

Museum of the History of the Olympic Games of Antiquity by Joy of Museums

About “Joy of Museums”

We explore and share insights into the world’s best Museums, Art Galleries and Historical Sites across the globe. We deliver on our purpose and engage through a variety of publishing platforms including websites, social media, mobile, offline marketing and publications. We will also be launching a YouTube channel shortly to complement our existing publishing platforms.

The “Joy of Museums” publishing platforms explore and share insights and recommendations on the world’s best Museums, Art Galleries and Historical Sites across the globe. There are over 60,000 museums and historic sites around the world, and we aim to share the very best of these. Currently, we cover nearly 300 of these and are adding more every week. Interest in museums, art galleries and historical sites reflect the economic, intellectual and social health of a city and an individual.

Visits to new cities by travellers for the “Museum, Historical or Arts experience” is increasing. More people than ever are travelling to visit the world’s Museums, Art Galleries and Historical Sites, and we cover the very best of these with reviews and recommendations. JOM Foundation is the owner of the various “Joy of Museums” publishing platforms.


Why “Joy of Museums”?

There are as many reasons to consider following our “Joy of Museums” publishing platforms. There are as many reasons, as there are museums.

  1. Discover a new Story.
    • Discover essential stories about life, death and passion.
  2. Explore our History.
    • Explore the evidence behind the crucial historical event.
  3. Discover Secrets.
    • Discover the secrets behind the historical forces of change.
  4. Increase your Understanding.
    • Reflect on significant historical milestones and how to interpret them.
  5. Discover a new Hero
    • Learn about the heroes in your culture.
  6. Get Creative
    • Diversity your viewpoint and gain a different interpretation.
  7. Get Inspired
    • Discover new ideas and improve your perspective.
  8. Take Time Out
    • Escape to a world-famous art gallery, museum or historic site for self-reflection.
  9. Make new Friends
    • Become friends with a Museum, its Masterpieces and its Historical Artefacts and meet people with similar interests.
  10. Easy to Access
    • You can read our books anywhere, on most electronic devices, PC, Tablet. iPad or Smartphone.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to explore and share Museums, Art Galleries and Historical Sites across the globe.

Your Support

When you engage with one of our Affiliate Partners or buy one of our books, you will be actively supporting our efforts to grow the contents on “Joy of Museums”. You will be supporting our efforts to make Museums, Art and Historic Sites around the world more accessible.


“Museums, like theatres and libraries, are a means to freedom.”
– Wendy Beckett


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