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Leeds Museums

Museums in Leeds

Museums in Leeds

Leeds is a city in West Yorkshire, England, which started as a small manorial borough in the 13th century, and by the 18th century it became a significant centre for the production and trading of wool, and with the Industrial Revolution, a major mill town. From a market town during the 16th century, Leeds expanded and absorbed the surrounding villages to become a populous urban centre by the mid-20th century.

Leeds has over 16 museums and galleries. The Leeds City Museum showcases collections of local history, world cultures, natural history, archaeology and fine arts. The Armley Mills Industrial Museum is housed in what was once the world’s largest woollen mill and includes industrial machinery and railway locomotives. The Thwaite Mills Watermill Museum is a fully restored 1820s water-powered mill museum. The Thackray Museum is a museum of the history of medicine, featuring Victorian public health, pre-anaesthesia surgery, and safety in childbirth. The Royal Armouries Museum is the United Kingdom’s national collection of arms and armour.

Leeds Art Gallery houses a collection of British art, and there are also many smaller and exciting museums in Leeds, including the Otley Museum and the Horsforth Village Museum amongst others.

Top Museums in Leeds

  • Leeds Art Gallery
  • Leeds City Museum
  • Abbey House Museum
  • Armley Mills Industrial Museum
  • Thwaite Mills Watermill Museum
  • Royal Armouries Museum,

Leeds’ Museums

  • City:                       Leeds
  • Country:                England
  • Borough:              1207
  • Municipal:            1626
  • City status:           1893
  • Population:           2.6m Metro

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